In our unique and poignant , under bright sunshine and a constant sea breeze , have found their ideal environment magnificent oranges . When you capture , they give off a scent of a consistency and an incredible intensity . To get this product we infuse the skins of these oranges appropriately cleaned inside them for 20-30 days, and the result you can enjoy well- served cold after a summer meal or natural in the winter evenings . And ' an excellent digestive for its sweet delicacy .


GRAPES: Orange liquor made from orange in the Cinque Terre
ALC/VOL : Alcol 30% vol.







Arancino Classification: Arancino
First year of production: 1995 Average number of bottles produced: 1.000
Production area: Riomaggiore Grapes: Orange delle Cinque Terre
Exposure vineyard: South overlooking the sea Yield per hectare: -
Altimetry: 10/60 Meters above sea level Pruning system: Vase
Density of the system: - Age of the vineyard: -
Harvest period: - Material fermentation tanks: -
Aging Material: - Vinification: Peel infusion and distillation
Period of bottling:: March Aging capacity: Very Good
Service Temperature: 0-4° Package: 500ml