"Grappa Stravecchia"

The distillation takes place in copper stills in a water bath, and the grappa is aged in barrels for three long years of Robinia resulting in the classification of "Stravecchia".



CLASSIFICATION: Grappa Di Vernaccia Vigna Del Sole
GRAPES: Vernaccia 100%
Note: Aged three years in acacia casks
ALC/VOL : Alcol: 42%







Stravecchia Classification: Grappa di Vinacce
First year of production: 1988 Average number of bottles produced: 1.000
Production area: San Gimignano (SI), Italia Grapes: Vernaccia di San Gimignano 100%
Exposure vineyard: South and North Yield per hectare: 80
Altimetry: 330 Meters above sea level Pruning system: Cordone speronato
Density of the system: 4000 plants / Ha Age of the vineyard: 5 / 40 years
Harvest period: September Material fermentation tanks: Distillation in copper stills
Aging Material: Bottle Vinification: -
Period of bottling:: January Aging capacity: Very Good
Service Temperature: 18-20° Package: 500ml