"Grappa Virginia"

When the vine is planted and cultivated in the best possible way, the grapes obtained have both excellent appearance and taste. Once the grapes have been pressed, they are sent to off to be distilled. A highly important factor in the production of good quality grappa is also the process of distillation. For this reason, we entrust the distillation of our grappa to the master Franco Barbero of Mombercelli, and the final result is of great quality.



CLASSIFICATION: Grappa Di Vernaccia
GRAPES: Vernaccia 100%
ALC/VOL : Alcol: 42%







Grappa Virginia Classification: Grappa di Vinacce
First year of production: 1984 Average number of bottles produced: 1.000
Production area: San Gimignano (SI), Italia Grapes: Vernaccia di San Gimignano 100%
Exposure vineyard: Sud e Nord Yield per hectare: 80
Altimetry: 330 Meters above sea level Pruning system: Cordone speronato
Density of the system: 4000 plants / Ha Age of the vineyard: 5 / 40 years
Harvest period: September Material fermentation tanks: Distillation in copper stills
Aging Material: Bottle Vinification: -
Period of bottling:: January Aging capacity: Very Good
Service Temperature: 18-20° Package: 700ml